Wednesday, 19 May 2010

My very first FOTD!

I'm a little nervous about posting this, especially as today's FOTD is as minimal as possible. I was only out of the flat today for a grand total of 20 minutes to do a brief spot of photo editing, the rest of the time was spent indoors working on my dreaded report and munching on Aldi peanuts!

Please excuse the horrible Photobooth pics halfway through, the batteries on my camera managed to die before I'd finished applying my make-up.

I only used 4 products today- Avon Face Perfecting Duo, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, Nouveau Lashes mascara and Vaseline Rosy Lips.

Here I am with the products:

And the final look:

My mum gave me the Avon Face Pefecting Duo but I find the tinted moisturiser a little too dark for me, the shade is medium so I think next time I'll have to go for light. Saying that, the little concealer on the end of the tube is a decent enough match for me. At the moment my skin is so bad so a good concealer is a must!

After that I applied Clarins Beauty Balm all over my face for a radiant glow. Anyone who doesn't own this should! It can be used as a primer, moisturiser or a highlighter. It's brilliant stuff and you get a lot in a small tube.

After that I used Noveau Lashes mascara. I was given this to review for Florals and Cupcakes and I love it! It's the perfect daytime mascara and, although it can feel a little dry, it gives lashes a subtle lift without making them too thick. Here's a photo to show you the difference between one coat and two coats. Which do you prefer?

The first is one coat, the second photo is two coats:

And once all that was done, it was time for a quick pop of Vaseline Rosy Lips on my pout. This is such a great product, so cheap and I always get complimented when I wear it.


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  1. I really like vaseline rosy lips, nice pretty shade and lovely smell. I am so into rose scented stuff at the mo! & i have always wanted to try beauty flash balm!


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