Tuesday, 25 May 2010

An accidental LOTD!

As much as I want to go into detail about the lovely bronzed sunset look I created on my eyes this morning using lovely browns and pinks, it hasn't really shown up in the photo. However, the highlight of my look today was done totally by mistake! I applied Chanel Rouge Hydrabase lipstick in shade 136 Rosedrop and went to apply a sheer peach lipgloss over the top but, in my rush to leave, I accidentally applied a slightly more orange colour. The lipgloss used was Rimmel Volume Boost but the shade has worn away so I'm afraid I can't tell you exactly what it is.

I reckon they look fairly nice together! What do you think? Have you ever made a beauty mistake that turned out well?

Overall look:

L-R: Chanel Rouge Hydrabase in 136 Rose Drop, Rimmel Volume Boost lipgloss, blended together

The final LOTD:

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