Wednesday, 25 August 2010

10 things tag :)

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, I've been signed off work with stress and exhaustion for a week so I'm currently up in Durham spending some time with my beloved mummy and sleeping lots. I'm fine, I can just be a fragile little soul sometimes!

I have little resources here so don't want to post my massive haul post as it isn't ready yet and there's bound to be a load more goodies to add to it by the time I'm back in Nottingham on Monday.

I saw this on Kate's beautiful blog and thought I'd do it. Like Kate, I'm not going to tag people as I'm sure a lot of you have done it before but feel free to copy it and do it on your blog if you like.

The rules of the award are:
1. Post who gave you the award.
2. State 10 things you love.
3. Tag/award another 10 bloggers.

The things I love, in no real order are...

1) My boyfriend, Robin. I know this is an obvious one but why shouldn't he be top? He's the funniest, most handsome, most inspirational person I have ever met in my life. He's the first person that convinced me I could make it in the media industry. When we met, I'd given up on the idea of being a writer and was planning to go to a university I wouldn't have been happy at to study to become a teacher. Because he guided me and believed in me, I'm now a freelance writer and social media assistant and I'm studying for a fashion degree at university. It scares me to think what my life would have been like without the impact he's had on it but I'm elated life is how it is and I'm elated to have found my forever guy after so many idiots in the past!

2) University. Since I was little I always wanted to go to university and educate myself as best as possible but when I moved to London and started to intern and freelance as a writer and fashion assistant, I didn't think I'd ever go. Nottingham Trent University totally has my heart, the tutors inspire me and they're always so supportive. My course, Fashion Communication and Promotion, makes my brain fizz with excitement and I'm constantly surrounded by amazing people. It's one of the best fashion courses in the world and I feel very lucky to be part of it.

3) Nandos. I am a little bit addicted and always order a chicken fillet burger, garlic bread and chips with peri-peri salt!

4) Make-up. I couldn't be a beauty blogger if I disliked make-up, right? I love being a girl and indulging in bronzers, mascaras, foundations, lip colours... it's just so much fun!

5) Marshmallow bed. The bed I share with my boyfriend is probably the best bed in the entire world, it's so massive and soft and welcoming. Nothing beats a slightly hungover morning lazing about in marshmallow bed with a cup of coffee and a cuddle!

6) Magazines. I spent my teens working at magazines and have a CV which I'm really proud of. As much as I want to work in online journalism/social media once I graduate, I'd love to be able to work in the beauty department of a glossy magazine one day.

7) Suri Cruise. She's the cutest and most stylish little girl in the whole wide world!

8) My Mama! Really she should be at the top! My mum and I are best friends, she's so unique and a little bit crazy but in a good way. I sometimes can't get over that we're mother and daughter, I can't imagine having one of those formal mother and daughter relationships some people have. She may be 45 but she's the most beautiful woman in the world!

9) Nottingham- and not just for university! Having lived in Durham, London and then Nottingham, I really feel at home in the East Midlands. As much as I'll probably have to move back to London for a while once I graduate, I hope to only live there during the week and come home to my lovely boyfriend in the weekends. I love the fun of the city and the quirky culture. I love the art galleries and tea rooms, Gatecrasher and Oceana nightclub, Market Square and the zillions of shops. I'm yet to fall out of love with this city and I'm lucky to live in a gorgeous apartment in the city centre.

10) Nights out! I heart letting my hair down with the girls or with my boyfriend. There's nothing like blasting Ke$ha or Katy Perry whilst applying fake lashes and having a few cheeky drinks! Then it's off out, into the cab, too many naughty cocktails, a lot of dancing and a takeaway on the way home at 5am. Tacky but fun!

If you want to do this then leave me a comment so I can see your result :)

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

My first in and out post.

I've been moving house for about the last zillion years so haven't had time to update the blog properly but it's my day off tomorrow so expect a post or 2! I thought I'd do my first ins and out post this morning before I have to get ready for work. Enjoy!


Hauls: I have the most fabulous MAC/Aussie/The Body Shop haul to post up tomorrow! I have been going a little spending crazy. Ooops!

My lovely new apartment: I'm living in city centre Nottingham with 5 girlie friends (madness, I know!) and I'm loving the place. There's only 2 of us here at the mo as the others are home for summer but the views over the city are amazing and the flat is just gorgeous.

Ben and Jerry's Fairly Nutty ice-cream: Oh Em Gee! I bought this last night after a rubbish day and it's incredible. Well worth the £4 a tub. Gorgeous caramel ice-cream mixed with a ton of nuts. Delish!

The kindness of people: My amazing boyfriend moved about 50 boxes of my stuff up 3 flights of stairs without a single complaint. He unpacked them from the car, took them box by box across the busiest road in Nottingham and then dragged them up all those stairs one by one. Nice one, Robino!


No lift: Yes, I love my new place but carrying bags of shopping up 3 flights of stairs isn't too easy. Still, it's a good work out!

Missing living with my boyfriend: After 3 solid weeks of living together, I'm now back to a single bed in a flat 6 miles away. We're both feeling a bit rubbish at the moment because living together was amazing but I know I'll have so much fun with my girls.

Melting MAC lipsticks: I do love a Cremesheen lipstick but I don't trust my latest additions in my handbag all day. They get applied in the morning and then live in the fridge all day.

Unpacking: Urgh.

What are your ins and outs this week?

Monday, 2 August 2010

The Age Zero Debate: Do I go under the knife or not?

As reported in the latest issue of Grazia, the trend of "Age Zero" is apparently making its way into the lives of young women at a shocking rate. Whilst Glee fans would have been shocked to hear about Chatice Pempengco receiving botox at the near enough infant age of 18, it begs the question of whether a little cosmetic help in ones younger years may be the answer to a happier body image in later life.

While the likes of Heidi "I look like Jocelyn Wildenstein's twin" Montag may be at the extreme end of cosmetic enhancement, would it be so wrong as to have a little tuck, lift or injection here and there in your early twenties?

As I write this, I'm researching local cosmetics surgeons. The Grazia article couldn't have come at a better time as the debate of Age Zero is a hot topic in my household. At 21, I'm considering surgery. And my boyfriend, a youthful looking guy in his 30s, is trying his best to keep the idea off my mind.

I'd love to have a nip, tuck and suck and be done with my plus-sized figure but, in actual fact, the idea of a personal trainer and diet appeals to me more because I work well with goals and aims. And the £3k price tag puts me off a bit too!

In actual fact, I'm considering getting my lips enhanced. At £350 and about an hour in the surgeons chair, the temptation is proving too much and I'm focused on the idea of having a pillowed-up pout by the time I head back to university in October.

The Grazia article goes on to debate whether young women wanting surgery is actually more of a psychological factor and I couldn't agree more. Why do I want a more kissable pout? Why do I crave Lohan lips? Why do I feel the need to want to spend the price of a Louis Vuitton bag on something that will only last 6-9 months?

Yeah, I agree, it probably is to do with new found confidence and coming out of a troubled period of my life. But rather than settle for a new haircut and new outfit, I want to be the best me I can and, right now in my life, I bloody well want pillow lips!

I guess the thing with a little Amanda Brynes-esque cheek filler or a chemical peel is that the results don't last for the rest of my life. But, really, should surgery be the ideal for someone as young as me? Isn't that what people my mother's age do?

The Grazia article was insightful and brought together a lot of mixed views, I'm sure this whole topic divides people, but what it didn't do was put me off. The doctor quoted in the article is correct in saying that young people should realise they're at a psychologically fragile age and that it's only natural for young women to have lines when they smile, but what he didn't appear to understand was the way a little filler or enhancement can make people feel. I'm not saying that surgery makes every young woman feel beautiful (and I'm sure surgery can go wrong at times!) but what I am saying is that there's no harm in a little cosmetic treatment if it's thought through and done for the right reasons- whatever age!

My pout is one of the things I get most complimented on so I can see my boyfriend's worry that it may well ruin something that's already decent enough but, for me, I want that just snogged look without purchasing lipgloss after lipgloss that claims to plump up my pout.

I haven't made my decision fully but I am going to book in for a consultation. Whilst I agree that botox to get rid of not-even-there winkles is wrong, I do believe that a little treatment once or twice at year can have a massive impact on ones confidence. Cosmetic enhancement at 21 may not be everyones ideal but, as long as I feel I can trust my surgeon, I can't see the harm in it.