Sunday, 20 June 2010

My unusual style icon.

Sometimes in life we find certain celebs downright fascinating and no matter what anyone else says, we'll always heart their style. Whether it be Lady Gaga, Madonna or Aggy D, we all have someone who is a little Marmite love/hate like. And I'm going to introduce you to mine.

The boy and I were/are big fans of Big Brother and I'm kinda enjoying this year but not as much as other years gone by. There have been some vile outfits and looks gone on in Big Brother over the years (Kinga wearing just leaves springs to mind!) but this lady actually really works it, if you ask me. Famous for her "You better know yourself!" catchphrase, I was gutted when Snog, Marry, Avoid turned her from glam pussycat into a slightly more plain looking average girl.

To me, Aisleyne just rocks her style no matter what! The BB beauty always wears her looks with confidence and her make-up is always impeccable! OK, so her clothing style might not be for everyone but she teaches all us ladies a key lesson to working any look- work it with a smile and stack loads of attitude. All hail Princess Aisleeeeeeeeeeeeyne!


  1. I actually love the white mini dress she's wearing!

  2. Personally, with Aisleyne I think she either gets it really right - or really wrong! Snaps to you though, it's pretty fab to see a 'style icon' post on someone who isn't Lauren Conrad or Lady GaGa! xo


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