Monday, 21 June 2010

A little Primark haul ♥

Hello followers, hope you've all eased into Monday without too much hassle! Work was rather dull today but hopefully it'll pick up tomorrow and, if not, I'll be going to see The Boyfriend after work for cuddles on the sofa!

Moving on, I thought I'd show you a few bits I picked up from Primark over the weekend. I had a tiny bit of cash and hit Primark as I hadn't been there in ages and it always makes your pennies stretch.

So, first off in the top left is the gold plaited bangle. I figured I don't have enough bangles and needed some more costume pieces to jazz up my outfits for work, this is especially fab as it goes with the whole nude and peach tones I've been wearing a lot of lately. Think it was £2.

Next is the leaf detail bracelet which snaps shut. This was in the sale reduced to a mere quid!

Then we have the gold and purple stone ring. I have a lot of rings from Primark, mainly because they manage to fit my long fingers perfectly and this one will go with a lot- fab for £1.50.

Just down from the ring are these drape style gold earrings. Can you see how they're slightly broken? I didn't realise but, oh well, what can you expect from Primark? Again, these were £1.50.

Then we have this gorgeous floral scarf which is perfect for summer, so lightweight and has a pretty watercolour style pattern to it. I paid £3 for this and wore it with a sheer peach top and black tuxedo trousers for work today.

And, finally, the piece you're probably loving the most- Primark's version of the Mulberry Alexa bag! I nearly died when I saw this, it's gorgeous! It cost only £9, is big enough for my Macbook and magazines and, well, it saves me the £800 cost for the real thing!

Have you bought anything fab in Primark lately?


  1. That scarf is gorgeous - I really need that in my life and its a bargain for £3!!!

  2. The bag is gorg! I love Primark!

    Lisa xx

  3. @Caz- I think they had some other colours rather than cream. Blue and brown, I think. It's the perfect summer scarf and I loved wearing to loose and seeing it float in the breeze, haha! x

    @Lisa I love Primark too! Can't believe I didn't go in for so long.x

    @Laura- The bag is my new favourite! x

  4. I haven't been to Primark in AGES and am so craving a visit!

    Victoria x

  5. @Victoria Neither had I! Could have bought so much in there! x

  6. If I ever make it to the UK I am probably going to buy out an entire primark! They seem to have the best deals :) xxx


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