Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Some recent NOTDs and a few photos from my weekend with the boy ♥

Hello, darling followers. I've reached 20 followers and I'm so pleased, especially as Hello-Barbie has only been running for a couple of weeks!

I thought I'd show you some recent NOTDs- excuse the slightly rubbish pics from my iPhone, I need to start carrying around my camera more!

First up is the much loved Mushroom by Barry M. Now, I don't know where I was but I totally missed the hype and drama about this nail paint and picked it up in my local Superdrug not knowing it was so hot right now. I have to say, I love this colour! The application is easy, it only takes 1 coat and it lasts for ages. Such a gorgeous colour.

Next up is this ASOS by Ciate paint in shade Pixie. This is a true grass green with and can be a little bit of an odd colour to use on nails but I haven't used it in ages and fancied a change. Can you see how super glossy this is? The application of this is ok- it needs a few coats and can look uneven in parts but the pretty bow on the bottle makes up for all this!

Last up is this one from Superdrug's MUA range. My bottle says shade 02 but, looking at the website, shade 02 is black. Weird! Anyway, I ADORE this paint- it costs £1 for 6.2ml and, although the application can be a little messy due to the small brush, it's amazing! The colour payoff is incredible, it lasts for around 3 days without chipping and there are 18 different shades in the range which I'm dying to get my mitts on. Although this looks really orange in the photo, it's actually a pretty red with quite strong orange undertones.A lovely woman in The Body Shop asked me about my nails when I was wearing this and was convinced they were fake. And, to top it off, the boyfriend also paid attention and kept complimenting me on this colour all weekend. Thumbs up!

Finally, I thought I'd share some photos from my weekend. The boyfriend had quite a bit of work to do so I chilled on the sofa with Sky+, magazines and yummy wine most of the time. I cannot comment who owns that copy of Front.

We went out on Saturday night and, as usual, had the time of our lives! I love nights out with the boyfriend, he pretends to look after me but really he spurs me on and gets me waayyyy too tipsy! When we crawled in at 330am, we shared this delightful feast.

Sunday was spent watching TV and chilling out whilst the boyfriend did yet more work prep! But, to make up for being chained to his computer, he took me out to Derby for Nandos for dinner. NOM! I wore my (current) favourite dress form Asda, my Primark Alexa, leggings from Primark and shoes from Tesco.

What nail colours are you hearting lately?


  1. Barry M mashroom looks like my type of color. Wish we had Barry M here. I have a french manicure today xx

  2. Cute bag and dress! Your comment about dora made me laugh, haha adorable! x


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