Monday, 26 July 2010

I have a personal trainer + my celebrity fitness inspiration.

Yes, you read it right, plus-size Hollie is kicking her ass into shape. I've organised my consultation for next week and I'm going to be going to regular personal training sessions once a week to begin with. I have zero motivation for going to the gym and I'm shockingly shy when it comes to joining some sort of gym class so a personal trainer who can take things at my pace is certainly the best option for me.

Of course, this all needs to be coupled with healthy eating so I have once more week of Ben & Jerry's and big Geordie portions of food before I replace it all with something with a little less calories.

I'm excited. I feel different to what I ever have. I'm 21 and I don't want to be overweight on my graduation day, I'm sick of not being able to shop in the shops my friends do and I really don't want to be a plus sized bride once the big day comes.

In light of all this, I wanted to show you my celebrity fitness inspiration. Do you agree that these women have the perfect figure? Or do you prefer a more slender, athletic shape?

Have any of you had a personal trainer before?

My ultimate inspiration in life- Ms Beyonce Knowles!

No wonder Kelly is famous for her curves!

Kim Kardashian possibly has the best figure ever!

Cannot get over that Nigella is 50!

Tyra is a real inspiration.

Sorry Phil but it's Kirsty's figure I'm after!

As the face of Evans, Crystal Renn shows off her toned curves in their advertising campaigns.

Who wouldn't want to look like Holly Willoughby? Or own that dress?!

Her weight goes up and down like a yoyo but Jessica Simspon has an achievable figure for me.


  1. ooh, exciting! Well done for taking the plunge. I've never had a personal trainer (only ever been to the gym once!) but I imagine it rocks!

  2. Kim Kardashian has a beautiful figure :) good luck! xx


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